Rainbow Package

Return to Gallery The Rainbow Package includes Ball Pit and Balls Happy House Playhouse Car Rockers x 2 Caterpillar Rocker Tunnel Blocks x 10 Mats

Car Rocker

Return to Gallery Dimensions: 105 x 20 x 45 cm RED car rocker ideal for toddlers who love to rock and zoom around.


Return to Gallery Dimensions: 185cm Crawl or slide through this ‘See Me’ Tunnel. Loads of crawling fun for the little ones.

Happy House

Return to Gallery Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 14 cm Children have loads of fun crawling through it just like your very own playhouse or playing hide and seek. Great for toddlers that feel like playing peek a boo in a safe environment .

Caterpillar Rocker

Return to Gallery Dimensions: 100 X 20 X 42 cm This vinyl covered Foam cute as a pie Caterpillar is a fun rocker and two buddies can squeeze on and then fall off! Children will experience great fun rocking.

Play House

Return to Gallery Dimensions: 266 x 150 x 125cm high This vinyl covered Foam Play House Set has a variety of ramps, steps and a tunnel to allow children to play in and about the house. Children will experience such activities as crawling, sliding and negotiating steps as they utilise the Foam Play House Set.


Return to Gallery Dimension: 25 x 25 x 25 -12 pieces per set Vinyl covered cubes learning starts here, have the kids learn to add, subtract and count while at play.